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The Children of God: The Inside Story

The Children of God: The Inside Story - Deborah Davis, Bill Davis It’s been several years since I’ve given up on a book, but I just couldn’t stand this one any longer. It’s so poorly written that I might have been confused if I didn’t already have background knowledge about the COG. The book’s preachy tone kept me from feeling any connection to the author. The author also makes several broad statements that struck me as untrue. For example, she says, “The notion of 'innocent' victims is a myth. No one involved with the COG or any other cult has been a totally innocent victim” (62). Well, what about children? There are a lot of children who are “involved” with cults because their parents are involved. The children didn’t choose to be there. They seem like innocent victims to me.

If you’re researching the COG, there are other books about it that are much more informative than this one.