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Jay's Journal

Jay's Journal - Beatrice Sparks I didn't think it was possible, but this book is even more ridiculous than Go Ask Alice. Do people really believe that this is a real diary? If you've read this book and Go Ask Alice, it's pretty obvious that they were both written by the same person. To make it worse, the whole occult/witchcraft/satanism aspect isn't even believable.

This book is the diary of "Jay," a sixteen-year-old who kills himself after becoming interested in the occult. I did know a little about this book before I read it. There was a real "Jay" who killed himself because he was depressed. "Jay's" mother gave his journals to the "editor" of Go Ask Alice and asked her to publish them to raise awareness of teen/childhood depression. The "editor," Beatrice Sparks, used a few of the real diary entries and made up the rest, including all of the entries about the occult, witchcraft, and satanism. The book was marketed as nonfiction. When the people in "Jay's" very small, very Mormon town discovered that the book was about him, the town turned against his family.

The whole time I was reading, I was thinking about the real "Jay's" family and how Beatrice Sparks took a tragedy and made it worse. Not only is this book silly and alarmist, it's heartbreaking for all the wrong reasons.