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Moonlight - Ann  Hunter This fairytale examines love from every angle. The characters all love someone or something, and that love makes them selfless, brave, and patient. It also makes them cruel, hateful, jealous, and power-hungry. It terrifies them. It makes them behave foolishly. It saves them. It destroys them. It makes curses and breaks curses. It's the most powerful force in the world.

Moonlight is the prequel to The Subtle Beauty, but it is a stand-alone novella, so you don't have to read The Subtle Beauty to understand it. The heroes of Moonlight, Aowyn and Xander, aren't afraid to take on the bad guys and stand up for what they believe. Aowyn is a strong female character who can think for herself and fight just as well as the men. Xander can be brash when he's with his fellow soldiers, but he loves Aowyn, respects her decisions, and sees her as his equal.

Moonlight puts a new Celtic spin on the classic fairytale The Swan Princess. I enjoyed reading it.